Marijana Gikić, DMD

Doctor of Dental Medicine
Marijana Gikić, DMD | IMED Clinic

Marijana Gikić, DMD was born on February 5, 1988 in Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She grew up and was educated in Zagreb, where after completing elementary school and later high school (Zagreb Health School/course of education: dental technician), she enrolled in the School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb. She graduated from the faculty in 2012, when she also began her postgraduate doctoral study of dental medicine. During her studies, she acquired practical knowledge by assisting in a private dental practice. Upon completion of her internship training, in 2013, she passed the State License Exam and was granted the License for Independent Performance of Work. She was then employed by a reputable private dental practice in Zagreb, at the same time focusing on the field of prosthetics and dental implant prosthetics as well as digital dentistry. She joined the team of IMED Clinic in 2016.

She constantly works on her professional development by regularly attending permanent education courses with a special focus on prosthetics, dental implant prosthetics, aesthetics and digitisation (Competence in Implant Aesthetics, individual trainings on the field of CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) technologies, Perioimplant, Digital Smile Design, theoretical and practical courses in microscope specimen preparation).

She is the author of several scientific articles, abstracts and reviews.

She has been a permanent member of the Croatian Dental Chamber since 2012, as well as of the Digital Smile Design Team since 2015.

She is fluent in English.

In 2015, Doctor Gikić enrolled in the postgraduate specialist programme in dental prosthetics at the School of Dental Medicine of the University of Zagreb and in 2016 she defended her Doctoral Thesis, thus entering the final stage of her doctoral studies.