Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation and shaping using silicone implants is a routine procedure. Nevertheless, there are challenges in this area of cosmetic surgery as well. The biggest challenge is correction of uneven breasts – a procedure requiring a highly experienced plastic surgery expert who can provide a good evaluation, which is necessary to achieve breast symmetry.

Breast augmentation and shaping 

Breast augmentation and shaping is a very popular cosmetic surgical procedure across global markets. Simultaneously with the development of cosmetic surgery, technologies and methods for breast augmentation and shaping changed. As a result, there are five different generations of breast implants, explain experts at Imed Clinic.

Each doctor who cares about his or her status and profession must be familiar with the latest standards and trends. In order to achieve this, doctors must take part in various European and global congresses. In addition to this, they must be devoted to their work and continue to invest in their professional development – something all experts at Imed Clinic are well aware of. Cosmetic surgery is a very dynamic branch of medicine, which is evidenced by the fact that doctors today can attend congresses, at which new methods are adopted and profession is continuously enhanced, on a monthly basis. “In terms of breast augmentation and shaping, as well as of other cosmetic procedures, our main focus is on the use of the highest quality implants and surgical equipment, including professional training”, points out Dr. Borić.

Correction of Uneven Breasts 

Breast augmentation and shaping using silicone implants, is a routine operation. When it comes to breast augmentation and shaping, experts at Imed Clinic say that the future of silicone implants in the following ten years looks assured. There are also other methods of breast augmentation and reconstruction, but they still have to be placed and established on the market. The biggest global trend in the field of breast augmentation today is fat transfer breast augmentation. “After the breast augmentation and shaping surgery is complete, a more proportionate and attractive figure is achieved, along with a better posture, with the overall effect guaranteeing the patient’s complete satisfaction”, adds Dr. Borić.



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