Med Contour Multipower

MED CONTOUR Multipower - NEW STATE-OF-THE-ART platform for non-invasive body contouring, skin tightening and face lifting procedures!

Non-surgical treatments are a cutting-edge technology in the area of aesthetic surgery. One of such treatments is Med Contour Multipower, which represents a completely safe and painless solution for contouring and tightening of body and facial skin. Results are immediate, as your skin will feel tightened, fresh and smooth, which is certainly everybody’s priority during those hot spring days.

Med Contour Multipower

NEW STATE-OF-THE-ART platform for non-invasive body contouring, skin tightening and face lifting procedures!

Med Contour MULTIPOWER is the latest-generation device in its category, combining ultrasound and radio frequency for efficient, safe and painless non-surgical body reshaping treatments, cellulite removal, skin tightening and face lifting. 

THE NEW Med Contour MULTIPOWER comprises:

  • 4 HANDPIECES – for non-invasive body contouring, facial and body skin tightening, face lifting and cellulite removal
  • 3 TECHNOLOGIES – Ultrasound, radio frequency, vacuum

Med Contour Multipower

By using ULTRASOUND, RADIO FREQUENCY and VACUUM, Med Contour MULTIPOWER is used for non-invasive body and facial treatments, focusing on:

• Localized fat and cellulite
• Volume reduction

• Wrinkles
• Loose skin on neck and face
• Subcutaneous microcirculation
• Lymphatic drainage

Innovative Med Contour MULTIPOWER has 4 handpieces:
• BODY SHAPE AND TIGHT - for tightening and firming of skin
• BODY SHAPE - for removal of fat and cellulite
• DRAINING - for lymphatic drainage
• FACE LIFTING - for tightening the skin on face, neck and chest

The revolutionary Med Contour Multipower offers clients completely safe and non-surgical contouring and tightening of body skin, as well as face rejuvenation. The device consists of four handpieces: Body Shape, Body Shape and Tight, Draining and Face lifting. By combining ultrasound, radio frequency and vacuum, the device shapes your body in an efficient and painless manner, and it enables cellulite removal, skin tightening and face lifting.

Body shape handpiece is used for removal of fat and cellulite, and the treatment is recommended to men and women who opt for non-invasive method to shape their bodies. This handpiece is used for treatment of excessive fatty tissue that accumulates in areas such as abdomen, butt, legs and arms. Deeper skin layer is thus enhanced, which results in skin looking much younger and fresher. The results are similar to those obtained by a surgical liposuction and they are permanent as long as the client pursues an active lifestyle and the recommended nutrition plan. Following the treatment, the clients may continue with their daily activities.

Med Contour Multipower

Body shape and tight is a handpiece that improves skin elasticity and smoothness. By applying this treatment on a client, it is possible to improve the texture of the surface skin layer and tissue regeneration. Following only one treatment, clients can notice the results such as improved epidermal and dermal rearrangement, more even skin tone and an increase in collagen fibers. The results are visible as the treatment leaves skin feeling elastic, smooth and fresh.

Intended use of the Draining handpiece is stimulation of lymph nodes, with the aim of removing excess toxins and fat from the body. This method improves blood circulation in the specific treated body parts of the clients.

Apart from handpieces for the body, Med Contour Multipower includes a well-known and effective probe that is a part of the new Med Visage device. Combining the ultrasound and radio frequency, Face Lifting handpiece offers a deep treatment that results in significant reduction of wrinkles and saggy skin on your face, neck and chest.


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